If you enjoy to rest in a natural area, far from town and noises, dressing with only skin warmed by the sun, the naturist camp of La Couliche is for you !

Here you’ll stay in a quiet and peacefull valley. Where the road ends, it's the arrival !

It'll be a pleasure for the members of the club to introduce to you surroundings and share moments of a true naturist life.


This small camping park is situated 16 km from Albi in Tarn, opened from 1st of june to middle of september.

From it you can discover Albi town which is a famous site recognized by Unesco and visit some wine domain of Gaillac.


So come with your tent, caravan or camping-car and spend good time in south of France !!!


Following is a real testimony of an actual club member

“Blessed La Couliche - what a haven you have been through some challenging times!”

My wife Alison and I have known La Couliche since 2002 and for much of that time we have been Club members with a caravan based on site.  We first discovered this haven of peace and tranquillity when we were running a small naturist center in the area (now closed) and used to come down to La Couliche on our too-rare days off!  We were instantly charmed. Now 16 years on, this small, simple, delightful little place continues to hold a very special place in our hearts.

We have often asked ourselves why this is.  Is it the nature all around – the birds, flowers and butterflies?  Is it the seduction of the French lifestyle or all those meals we have shared with other club members underneath the welcome shade of that lovely old barn?  Or is it the friendships we have made or the sense of acceptance of our slightly different way of enjoying our membership? Because since 2010 we have had to leave France for professional reasons, first for the UK (our native land) and now for the Channel Islands.  Throughout some very difficult transitions and challenging times work-wise, La Couliche and our caravan – together with our friends – has seen us return for restoration and recovery.

It is of course true that much of what binds us to this place is the time we have spent there, the people we have known – some of whom are now no longer with us – and the way we have seen the Club and its’ facilities develop over the years.  A short stay at La Couliche cannot give the holidaymaker that same depth of course, even if the Albigeois countryside should please the eye and Albi with its’ magnificent cathedral inspire. But if one can calm the clamour of modern life for super-fast everything, 5-star facilities with organised activities and canned music and take pleasure instead in a simple apéritif, listening to the musical roulade of the Golden Oriol in the trees opposite, or the site of a wild orchid or the laughter and hilarity of a simple game of pétanque amongst fellow naturists, then you will understand La Couliche!  There is an honesty to this club, who’s members undertake to keep it going, maintain it and see it progress as much as time, money and energy allow, as they have done for the better part of half a century.  

So it is our wish that if these few (English!) words encourage you to spend time in this environment – which has at its core the simplest, noblest and some would say purest of old-style naturist values – then you should find pleasure in it as we have.  Perhaps you will be seduced - as we have been over the years - and come back pulled by the tug of nature, the joy of sun on skin and the sound of the French language! Because one thing that you can be sure of is that this place is very French, whatever that really means.  So don’t forget to bring a dictionary if you are not confident and be prepared for some fun communicating….!


With our Best Regards for a pleasant stay.

Andy and Alison 


Club Naturiste en Albigeois - La Couliche - 81150 CESTAYROLS

Contact sur         contact.naturismetarn@gmail.com

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